Student Life

Housing and Meals

China Study Program students share double rooms in a modern hotel a short walk from the Fudan campus. The hotel neighborhood is safe and attractive with a number of shops and restaurants nearby. Rooms are simple, but modern with a private bathroom, desk, TV, telephone, heater and air conditioner. The Resident Director will provide close supervision and assistance with all living needs. Students will receive an allowance for meals so they can purchase their own food at the student cafeteria or at nearby restaurants.

As international students of Fudan University, China Study Program participants will have access to many of the campus facilities and activities. The University has extensive sports facilities and students will be able to use designated campus libraries. The surrounding community provides easy access to a variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, and the mass transit system.

Exchange with Chinese Students & Young People

Various China Study Program components have been designed to bring together Chinese and American young people for cultural exchange, friendship building, and sharing of their lives, values, and worldviews. These include joint academic, social and recreational activities, as well as community service projects on the weekends and during the two-week service project in Tianjin.  This type of personal interaction between young people helps promote mutual understanding and positive relations between China and the U.S.