The future of nations will be shaped by their leaders.

Investing in today’s students is investing in future leadership.

Beyond competence and character, 21st century leaders must

  • appreciate history and civilizations with cross-cultural sensitivity
  • exemplify servanthood, the essence of leadership at both the personal and international level
  • see their own people’s welfare and destiny in relation to the rest of the world with a spirit of humility, and
  • be committed to justice, compassion and peace.

With these convictions, we sponsor the following student programs:

China Study Program

PESi offers a summer study abroad program at Tsinghua University in Beijing and at Fudan University in Shanghai for American students to learn about China through coursework in History & Society, International Relations & Economics and Language. They also meet Chinese young people through extracurricular activities and service projects.

China Summer Exchange

For over 20 years, hundreds of college students from all over North America have experienced China through PESi’s Summer Exchange Program. They come from leading universities and our host institutions in China are also schools with international reputations. Through cultural exchange and community service, students from both sides of the Pacific develop mutual understanding and lasting friendships.

Asia Summer Exchange

Beyond China, PESi seeks to broaden the horizon of North American students by leading them to learn about the Muslim world of Central Asia. They meet the local young people and their families as well as learn to enjoy their food and culture. Their worldviews are changed as they experience Muslim hospitality first-hand.

Student Leadership Development

PESi sponsors leadership development programs at Tsinghua University and Renmin University in Beijing as well as Fudan University in Shanghai. Select students with proven records of scholastic achievement and community service are invited to participate in summer programs and year-round seminars designed to cultivate cross-cultural awareness and a spirit of public service in these future leaders of China.