Beijing, China: Tsinghua University

Contemporary Chinese History & Society

The Program: 

The Contemporary Chinese History & Society Program in Beijing is a 6-week summer study program based at Tsinghua University, China’s top-ranking institution of higher learning. The program is designed to help students develop an understanding of China’s historic, economic, and social transformation, and the global implications of its growth.

Through academic seminars and field-based service, students will explore issues of globalization and community development intertwined with China’s most pressing social and economic needs. Tsinghua students may be invited to join some of the educational excursions and seminars, which will provide amazing opportunities for peer exchange. Find out how Chinese university students, your peers in another country, think about the same world issues from their unique perspective. In your team, you will have the life-changing opportunity to see another side of China and to compare and contrast your experience in a mega-city with the rural interior.

The Location

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. This “northern capital” is China’s second largest city, with more than 14 million people. Beijing is the powerful political center of the country and is a city of striking contrasts. Its towering skyscrapers reflect China’s phenomenal economic growth, but the city has also made great efforts to preserve its rich cultural and historical treasures. As a focal point of China’s past, present and future, Beijing is an ideal location for students to study Chinese history and society.

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The Host Institution

Often referred to as the “MIT of China”, Tsinghua University became the national center for training scientists and engineers in 1952, and has since grown into a comprehensive university consisting of 44 departments in 11 schools. Many of China’s top government officials, scientists, engineers, and business leaders are graduates of Tsinghua. The beautiful campus is located in northwest Beijing. With its garden-like atmosphere, Tsinghua has inspired and nurtured generations of students, both Chinese and foreign. The China Study Program in Beijing is hosted by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The surrounding community is safe and pleasant, with easy access to the city’s mass transit system.

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